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Find out more about this new laundry service by consulting the list of frequently asked questions (FAQ). 

You may also contact us directly by email at contact@facilitatemylife.ch or by phone on +41 58 958 42 22 between 7h00 and 17h30 Monday to Friday. We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have that could improve our website and our service.

Your personal Baechler garment bag and your Baechler services card are both required to use the service. The Baechler services card attached to your garment bag is essential as it is used to identify and track your garments.

We cannot accept any garment bag without its Baechler services card.

Your personal garment bag is completely free and will be delivered to your office once you have completed your registration on our website.                       

No. It is essential to drop off the garment bag with the Baechler services card placed in its outer pocket to allow us to provide the service. Your Baechler services card allows us to identify you and your clothes.

Our cleaning partner is Baechler Teinturiers SA.  The company is a leader in the cleaning and care of textiles.

Combining high-end technologies, sustainability and more than 180 years of experience, Baechler Teinturiers is above all a company dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction.

As a leader in its sector, Baechler Teinturiers is an active member of the Swiss Association for Textile Cleaning Companies (www.textilpflege.ch).

Maxima is an innovative textile treatment especially developed for the cleaning of your delicate clothes such as silk, wool, cashmere and clothes featuring lace, pearls or sequins. Complementary to the washing and cleaning of your items, Maxima acts as a nourishing care and restores brightness, beauty and softness to the most fragile items of your wardrobe.                  

Baechler uses customized technology and high quality products to restore the initial waterproofing coefficient level of your clothes, thereby guaranteeing a lasting result against snow and light rain.

As well as cleaning, this treatment leaves a thin waterproofing layer, which prevents future stains, protects wool fibres from felting and limits water rings.

Our finishing treatment makes the freshly ironed effect last longer, so that your suits and evening dresses stay soft, neat and wrinkle-free no matter what.

The finishing comes in the form of a thin layer applied to your garment in order to improve its shape, but that is not all. It revives the colors of your items while preventing stains from becoming embedded.

Of course. We clean items such as curtains and carpets. If you would like an offer for this service, just drop off the item via the laundry chute as usual with a note on the deposit form that you are requesting a price quotation.

Once you have received your starter kit, you can start using the laundry service. All you need to do is drop off your personal garment bag in the laundry chute in the WHO Main Building, room SS218. Do not forget to place your personal Baechler services card in the outside pocket as well as the deposit form. This ensures that your items can be tracked.

There is a laundry chute (accessible 24 hours) in the WHO Main Building - room SS218.              

No, there is no minimum order. 

Baechler collects the laundry for cleaning twice a week, i.e. Monday and Thursday mornings at 10h30. Laundry collected on Mondays will be returned the following Thursday. Laundry collected on Thursdays will be delivered the following Monday.

Freshly cleaned laundry can be picked up from Monday to Friday, between 16h00 and 17h30 in the WHO Main Building, room SS218. For safety reasons, the room will remain closed outside of these times.

Upon registration, you will enter your credit card details for automatic payment of the invoices. We accept Mastercard, Visa and Postfinance.

You will receive (by e-mail) an invoice for verification at the beginning of the month for any services used during the previous month. Payment will be debited at the end of the month.

Yes, absolutely.

Data is encrypted using proven SSL technology. All payments are made via a recognized payment interface, Ogone. Your credit card data is encrypted, in other words encoded prior to the transfer, then decoded on arrival. This means that it cannot be intercepted.

 In addition, we do not store any of your credit card data on our platform.

Complaints must be filed directly with us as soon as possible by email (contact@facilitatemylife.ch) or by phone on +41 58 958 42 22 between 7h00 and 17h30 Monday to Friday. 

Contact us by email (contact@facilitatemylife.ch) or by phone on +41 58 958 42 22 between 7h00 and 17h30 Monday to Friday.

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In order to be able to use this service, first register at Facilitatemylife. You will then receive your personal welcome kit. 

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